Job Options Consulting has been providing career planning and vocational assessment reports in Melbourne and country Victoria for more than 30 years. Vocational Assessments are often used by insurers and personal injury solicitors to assess residual work capacity following a personal injury or impairment.


Vocational Assessment Reports - Job Options

Includes a detailed structured assessment interview, a review of all of the relevant historical, medical and rehabilitation data, and some objective targeted vocational, personality and/or ability testing.

If the client has some capacity for retraining and/or employment, we identify some achievable occupations and tell you why these are realistic.

If our conclusion is that there are no realistic prospect for employment, we say so and explain why.

Our conclusions are objective and evidence based.

Our reports are comprehensive, well organised, indexed and fully referenced with bibliography and appendices using the most up to date published Australian occupational and labour market information.

Vocational Assessment Reports - Job Options Vocational Assessment Reports - Job Options Vocational Assessment Reports - Job Options Vocational Assessment Reports - Job Options
Our reports are objective, evidence based, fully informed and balanced. The conclusions are a realistic assessment of the work and retraining options available to a worker with the assessed skills and level of physical and psychological capacity.
Vocational Assessments are conducted in Melbourne and Ballarat. I can arrange to provide an assessment anywhere around Australia. Please call to discuss

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