After we have provided a detailed Vocational Assessment and report, we can also assist in addressing other more unique or complex occupational issues.
This is the role of our "ancillary" or Supplementary Vocational Assessment report. For example, our Supplementary reports can provide a review and specialist comment on the assumptions and conclusions of a Vocational Assessment report provided by others.


When “suitable employment� occupations have been suggested, a supplementary report can address:
  • whether the suggested occupations are realistic and achievable?
  • can the injured worker perform all of the work duties of the suggested occupation?
  • does the worker have the necessary level of aptitude, literacy, interpersonal or cognitive skills?
  • does the injured worker have the academic and/or cognitive ability needed to undertake a course of occupational retraining suggested?
  • are the suggested jobs and/or retraining courses available in the workers local area?
  • is the occupational retraining provided adequate to obtain employment in the open job market?

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