A Vocational Assessment is the process of determining an individuals aptitudes, skills, abilities and potential for employment, or employability.
A good Vocational Assessment systematically gathers information (data) from a variety of sources to draw conclusions about an individuals present and future job prospects. The data should include an assessment of:
  • the individuals basic and transferable work skills.
  • the type, level and range of existing job skills.
  • an assessment of vocationally relevant personality and cognitive skills.
  • and a review of any medical, psychological and/or rehabilitation information regarding any impairment, work limitations and/or work capacities.
WHEN TO REFER? A referral for a Vocational Assessment can assist in determining a workers eligibility for:
  • compensation income benefits.
  • a "serious injury certificate".
  • common law entitlements.
  • personal injury and income protection insurance.
  • superannuation benefits.
  • and/or disability insurance benefits.

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